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CX-5 / Re: Fast idle on first start
« Last Post by Deeps on Today at 12:54:36 pm »
Anyone else had this?

Yes, I suspect just about everyone one of us diesel owners. It's quite normal so nothing to panic about.
CX-5 / Fast idle on first start
« Last Post by WIZZ on Today at 12:49:29 pm »
Anyone else had this?
CX-5 / Radar Cruise Control
« Last Post by aljshep on May 23, 2018, 10:12:57 pm »
I would never pay £800 for radar cruise control but our latest (used) CX-5 came with it fitted as we specifically wanted black leather.  I can find no other review on here so here are a few thoughts.

It is un-nerving to use at first as it will follow the vehicle in front down to a standstill in heavy traffic (as un-nerving as driving into oncoming traffic at night on full beam).  A touch on the accelerator and it picks up speed accordingly.  All very good.

What I do not like about it is that if one is cruising at 70mph (say) and has to keep behind a lorry doing 60mph it will career up to the lorry at speed and then brake noticeably before keeping a fixed distance behind it.  With standard cruise control I would cancel well before reaching the lorry and ease gently up to it.

Worse than that though is that, if anyone drives across you, it will slam on the brakes well after the danger has passed, irrespective of whether or not the car behind will crash into you.  This happened twice on my first journey!  There was a car parked on the shoulder where two motorways diverge and I took the left one.  Presumably after consulting a map, the parked car decided to take the right hand road so crossed three lanes ahead of me to get on with its journey.  Very heavy braking.
Then, later on, I was following a recovery vehicle at speed when it saw the vehicle to be rescued in the shoulder so it suddenly pulled left in front of me to stop by it.

Each time my car slammed on the brakes for no real reason.  I can imagine it might do this too, if a car drives at speed down the fast lane and suddenly pulls across the road to take an exit slip road at the last possible moment.

One interesting feature is that the new cars come with “auto hold”.  This is a button similar to, and next to, the electronic handbrake.  When depressed it stops the car from “creeping” forward in queues so there is no need to keep the footbrake hard down and the person behind is not troubled by brake lights.  Interesting and useful.
CX-5 / Re: Fuel consumption
« Last Post by aljshep on May 23, 2018, 09:34:47 pm »
I check my fuel consumption every 700 miles or so dividing distance travelled by diesel used.

Our 2015 model CX-5 (175hp diesel auto with AWD) averaged about 39 mpg over three years with a best figure of 44 mpg.  We try to avoid too many short trips.

However its replacement, a late 2017 car with the same spec, has just done 2000 miles averaging 44 mpg.  It topped 46 mpg on one leg and managed a true 50 mpg over a 100 mile trip in the Scottish Highlands.

I understand that a higher ambient temperature helps but WHY is the new model so much better?  Has anything changed?

In comparison, our '65 reg Mazda 6 tourer, similar, but without AWD, has averaged 45.5 mpg over its life with a best figure of 51 mpg.  It topped 60 mpg over 80 miles on the M61/M62 once, when traffic/roadworks kept speeds between 50 and 60 mph.
Latest...........\you will love this, Lodge Garage called for us to take Clarice to them on the instruction of Mazda UK......for a COMPRESSION TEST ?
I know there is nothing amiss with the top end and informed the Technician at Lodge that in my estimation the Oil Pump has a relief valve which is not functioning correctly all the time in that the pump cannot produce the pressure to keep big ends from the Crank Journals which is causing this heavy rattle and effectively will wreck either the big end bearings and/or the Crank but as a cusomer what do I know, well 13 years in the Motor Trade as a fully qualified technician and followed by 28 years in the service of her Britannic Majesty as a Police Officer before I retired some 5 years ago.
Next I will do what Big Al has suggested and the CEO of Mazda UK will also be e-mailed regarding this absolute shambles relating to this most expensive thrashing Machine and the inability of his own house to sort it out.
Interior Trim / Re: Stone leather
« Last Post by twabrigs on May 23, 2018, 11:09:59 am »
I'd go stone leather instead of radar.

Switch to Alan Partridge style tan chinos at the same time, and your denim & leather problems will all be over..!
Back in 2013, I had an issue with not being able to get tyres for my first CX5 175 sport-nav (at the time Toyo were the only manufacturer who made that size who Mazda "approved") Toyo had none available in the country. Out of frustration, I contacted What Car who ran a piece on it, contacted Mazda, etc. Mazda then "approved" a different make and covered the cost of the three I needed to keep me going until I could fit a full set of Toyos. At the same time they also did a story on another CX5 owner who had a persistent gearbox rattle, they helped him reject the car and get a replacement.

May be your next step if they don't play ball...

Interior Trim / Re: Stone leather
« Last Post by BigAl on May 23, 2018, 09:55:30 am »
Thanks, Ant, that helps.
Stone leather it is then...
Having to choose between having stone leather OR radar cruise control still seems odd, but I can manage without the latter  ;D

Recordings of Clarice clattering into life along with other recordings 2 taken on the same day as she also rattled into life whereby no clatter. These have been forwarded to Mazda UK for investigation. According to Salesman the Garage are bound by Mazda themselves as to course of action taken which they cannot baulk or they become responsible for what is a manufacturers problem.
Awaiting outcome , if not positive then will take action myself accordingly via alternative route.
Interior Trim / Re: Stone leather
« Last Post by Ant on May 22, 2018, 11:26:11 pm »
I had stone leather in my 2015 CX-5 and I thought it stood up to marks and dirt pretty well. There was a small patch on the outside edge of the drivers seat that did regularly pick up blue staining from jeans. It cleaned up fairly well with a proprietary leather cleaner but after two and a half years, I could never completely remove the slight blue tinge from that small area. It wasn’t particularly noticeable in everyday use and more regular cleaning and use of a leather protector might have helped.

I do think the stone leather looks stunning and still wonder whether I should have opted for it on my 6 Tourer instead of the black (but fancied a change)!
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