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Modification Projects / Auto folding mirror kit
« Last Post by welshwhizz on Today at 05:53:42 pm »
Just wondered if anyone out there can help - I fitted the official C850V7650A Mazda kit myself last week, however it did not work and then after having a real good look I appear to have made a school boy error and as a result, in the 14 pole housing I removed a Brown (BR)cable, instead of the Black/Red (B/R) shown in the instructions that I should have removed, I have now realised my error and removed the Black/Red and fitted it where it should go, however I am not sure where the Brown cable came from in the 14 pole housing and can't find any info online - could anyone please point me in the right direction ??, I would be most grateful to know the 2? position that I have to re-fit it - thanks in advance
I'm done here.
Wow, just wow.

I can't even bothered to point out the numerous contradictions between what you say in your shouty rant and your previous diatribes. Wow....
Interior Trim / Re: Centre armrest
« Last Post by Anchorman on August 12, 2018, 07:20:46 am »
There’s a place in Manchester that will re cover it for you.
Wheels & Tyres / Re: 19 inch wheels corroding
« Last Post by twabrigs on August 11, 2018, 02:05:22 pm »
Hi - yes I've got some very minor surface corrosion (also live near the sea). TPMS alert went off this week, front nearside was down to 16 psi, re-inflated and 150 miles later it had lost 2psi. Local garage checked it over, no signs of puncture but they suspected corrosion so took the tyre off, re-sealed it all and 300 miles later all seems well.

One to watch though.

I have NOT slagged off everything Mazda have done but pointed out that certain of their engines have not stood the test of time, Rotary's in the 1970's being one of them and that is from personal experience. Have YOU ever stripped down a Rotary engine  because it has knackered it's seals in 20,000 miles or less ?. It led to Mazda almost going bankrupt when the Oil Crisis hit and they required a bailout from FORD to stave off Bankruptcy which was not the first time the company have faced that situation.

 My estimation is NO. but at least back then Mazda did honour it's warranty and dealt with the problem by replacement of the parts which were found to be defective, unlike today where they will NOT deal with the defective engine in our CX-5 for which we have paid a large amount of money and have no satisfaction with this particular part... THE ENGINE which I could not have made plain enough from the start..

No matter what anyone else states or thinks on this forum  WE are the one's who do have this lemon, which Mazda, despite ALL the evidence we have provided points to a problem that exists have failed to deal with it to OUR satisfaction and in that vein makes me consider that all Mazda want is your money and to hell with you if their is a problem with their product.

Having been in the Motor Trade, I am very sceptical about ANY of the Manufacturers ( Not just Mazda, except that a person who has been in the Motor Trade business longer than me and dealt with all the Major producers of vehicles indicated that under warranty Mazda are one of the worst to deal with ) lead me to start this thread. If this upsets you or anyone else that I choose this forum to make my annoyance felt then as far as I am concerned ....TOUGH.

I felt that as soon as this engine problem occurred it would NOT be dealt with efficiently or expediently by Mazda and at least I would be able to provide evidence that I was not being dealt with correctly as per agreement, should I need to take this farther which i ultimately will then i am perfectly happy to do so. i will not let ANY person or Company kick me in the teeth and accept it especially in this day and age.

I understand that many Mazda CX-5 owners are perfectly happy with their vehicles as they are starting up from cold without any of the 3 cylinder and heavy knocking WE experience, My angst is with Mazda for failure to do ANYTHING about OUR vehicle which does exhibit this trait for which we paid a large amount of money. If you Anchorman or anyone else who post on this forum cannot understand that, and are unhappy with me for putting this into typescript, consider that when i go before any Ombudsman I have evidence of the poor experience i have had at the Hands of Mazda as a Company who I consider have failed me as a customer from the moment this problem raised it's head.

If there was no problem I would have been praising the CX-5 ( which I have )and Mazda for ti's product, it is not the first vehicle from this company that I have purchased ( 5 in total ) but it is the most expensive AND the most problematic we have had to endure, it is not on in this day and age so as far as I am concerned the issue NEEDS to be confronted and dealt with properly.

If Mazda wish to push this to the Motor Ombudsman then I am only too happy to take it that far such is my dissatisfaction with this particular CX-5 Engine problem which they fail to acknowledge despite ALL the evidence to the contrary has made me dig my heels in.

You say "Although the vehicle is one of the very best I have driven and sat in I am afraid this particular one is a lemon in respect of the lousy engine which still starts with bangs and rattles NO modern vehicle should have.

THIS is my ONLY contention, which Mazda refuse to deal with because it comes under the 'TOO DIFFICULT TO DO' Banner".

Halle-flippin-lujah!!! I can't (and won't) speak for anyone else who's following your genuinely and obviously painful experience - it's not on and you have my sympathy. What you say above is a far more rounded, considered and even take on what's happened. I can understand your frustration leading to anger but coming onto a Mazda forum - used, by and large, by Mazda fans - and slagging off everything they've ever done, isn't going to foster huge support. That said, you really have had a lot of sympathy from many and quite right too.

I hope you exchange Clarice soon and replace it with an entirely perfect motor asap. If you don't return to Mazda ever again then fair enough - I think I'd be probably be of the same mind. However, as I've said before - and you've repeated - I've had several faultless Mazdas, so I'll keep buying them. It's a bloody shame that these things occasionally happen and it was you in this instance.

Good luck with your replacement motor - I hope it's spot on. And not German.  ;)


In answer to your question I put it this way, I personally run a 23 year old Vauxhall Astra Hatchback with a 1,7 ISUZU Turbo diesel which has covered 185,000 miles with all the original running gear and absolutely love the old bus because she starts up without any rattles knocks or 3 cylinder rumbles as does our CX-5, gives me 50=55 mpg as well as being comfortable to ride in, I have complete confidence that wherever I take her she will get there and get back whatever the detractors of Vauxhall have to say I have had many and have covered high mileages in all of them without any problems.

Will the CX-5 we have compete with that I think.. NO! fully believe it will not.

Although the vehicle is one of the very best I have driven and sat in I am afraid this particular one is a lemon in respect of the lousy engine which still starts with bangs and rattles NO modern vehicle should have.

THIS is my ONLY contention, which Mazda refuse to deal with because it comes under the 'TOO DIFFICULT TO DO' Banner
Wheels & Tyres / 19 inch wheels corroding
« Last Post by MikeTB on August 10, 2018, 04:13:02 pm »
My wheels are starting to corrode, probably starting from the inner side as it affects just the few millimetres near the inner edges where the coating is bubbling.
My mileage is very low and I now live near the sea.
I haven't tried removing the wheels recently to check more closely, but has anyone else experienced corrosion problems with CX5 wheels?
Interior Trim / Re: Centre armrest
« Last Post by rmvf on August 10, 2018, 10:46:41 am »
S G Petch via e bay, try find one with a broken mechanism and just swap the cover, mazda wanted 315 quid too steep for me
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