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Engine/Transmission/Powertrain/Exhaust / Re: heater temperature
« Last Post by Anchorman on Today at 07:18:09 pm »
Mike, have you got both left and right temperature controls turned up. Mine isn’t very warm when the left is down and the right up but when they are both up it’s hot enough to burn after a few seconds.
Theres no camaras behind  the logo  just a radar plate!

What’s a radar plate?
Theres no camaras behind  the logo  just a radar plate!
Troubleshooting / Re: Sport button puzzle
« Last Post by Anchorman on Today at 03:37:48 pm »
I take it you never noticed the word SPORT was at the front of the switch!!!
My mate was designing radar cruise control and he said that one of the biggest challenges was getting the cameras to see past the logo.
CX-5 / Re: Recall - Diesel Engine Concerns
« Last Post by Deeps on Today at 03:23:10 pm »
There is also an article in a German automotive website making mention of these issues and the recall. However, at present I can find no mention of it listed on the official KBA website,  the authority responsible for the issuing of recall notices. That said, the recall concerning the boot lid dampers was first mentioned on the site linked to earlier with the KBA following on some time later. From what I read a full days work is involved so I would imagine the cost to Mazda would be pretty high considering the number of vehicles/models involved. Interestingly the article states that the problems have been known to Mazda since March. Um.
General Discussion / Re: 3 Year service plan quotes
« Last Post by twabrigs on Today at 11:40:04 am »
I'm midway through a 3 year service plan which costs £19.89 a month (£716 over 3 years), which is the same range as your quotes. Presumably there is some dealer discretion in there hence your variation in quotes.
General Discussion / 3 Year service plan quotes
« Last Post by steve101 on Today at 11:20:03 am »
I have asked the Mazda garages near me for quotes for a 3 Year service plan for my CX5. I'm told that it's the same price regardless of spec of car. The lowest I have had is £640.00 and the highest is £876.00. They are all quoted using Mazdas Fixed Price Service Plan. How odd that there should be such a difference in prices.
CX-5 / Re: Recall - Diesel Engine Concerns
« Last Post by Deepjoy22 on Today at 08:46:14 am »
Just had the recall notice (Sept 2015 CX5).  Not had any problems as such so I'm trusting this is to improve things for me as well as Mazda.  Booked in for mid-November.
CX-5 / Re: Recall - Diesel Engine Concerns
« Last Post by baz5000 on October 18, 2018, 09:44:32 pm »
Jan 2013 Mazda CX-5 - Im in the same position - Received recall this week - Four weeks after car started playing up with all the systems.  Power failing - Stalling - Stopping - Now off the road and in with dealer.

The servo problem I complained about last year but was fobbed off as not being a known issue - which I find really bad as to the possible safety implications on the road.

This was third Mazda - Will also be my last -  Safety is being compromised - Zoom Zoom
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