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Title: New Mazda 2
Post by: BigAl on February 20, 2015, 09:56:52 pm
Had an invite a couple of weeks ago from my dealer to attend the new Mazda 2 launch. Forgot about it until this morning and decided to pop along for an hour. Not many folks there, but that made it easier to have a good look over it. Admittedly, the one they had was the top of the range version, but that is one nice looking and well put together car. Very impressed. They had it alongside the old model and they are worlds apart. It looks bigger but is only about 3-4 inches longer, but has a bigger wheelbase. Space inside is much better, I had a good 2-3 inches of headroom with the seat right down (I'm 6ft 5in). More legroom the the back, but couldn't really check the boot as it was full of promotional materials - it looked deep so I'm guessing there's no spare. Kept seeing CX5 bits, like the wheel and stalks. Very good seats (for me anyway). Head up display as well. Colour me impressed!

Title: Re: New Mazda 2
Post by: rmvf on April 06, 2015, 10:07:03 pm
gunna hold out for the cx-3, Al, I might even trade my 3 in and have the wifes cx-5.