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Title: Did I do right?
Post by: aljshep on February 04, 2016, 08:24:37 am
Last summer, and new to Mazda (having had 16 Saabs), we bought a new CX-5 on the strength of a neighbour's recommendation.  No problems at all.  However, I chose the CX-5 over the Mazda 6 estate/tourer purely because of the new facelift features, some of which were not available on the "6".

Is there anyone on here who has had experience of both cars who can say if I made the correct choice?
Title: Re: Did I do right?
Post by: Deeps on February 04, 2016, 09:43:29 am
As to whether or not you made the right choice is something that only you can decide when all is said and done. And to be fair, comparing the CX-5 along with the Mazda 6 Estate is like comparing apples with oranges as they are completely different cars aimed at different markets.

That said, I myself in fact did have a sit in the Mazda 6 Estate as the availability of luggage space was high on my list of priorities and in this I was not disappointed. It must also be said that in red the car looks absolutely fantastic.

However, after having sat in it or, more's to the point, trying to climb out of the thing, obliged me to reject the car as immediately. Having come from vehicles where I literally just have to slide into the seat I found the relatively low down sitting position of the 6 a bit unnerving and the following struggle to climb out by hanging off the hand grip was quite simply too much for me. Twenty years younger and with bones a bit more flexible might have seen me tempted by the 6 but I've now become accustomed to the relatively high up and more sedate sitting position of the CX-5 and earlier SUV type vehicles.

So in summary bearing in mind my opening statement - if you were looking for a curve hugging, tail whipping round sporty wagon then yes, you made the wrong choice. On the other hand, if you were looking for a comfy, high up driving position with lots of space then you'll be pleased in having chose the CX-5. All the previous is my own opinion obviously.
Title: Re: Did I do right?
Post by: BigAl on February 04, 2016, 09:50:21 am
I never considered the 6 as I wanted an SUV type (coming from a Subaru Forester and an X-Trail before that). If find that these give the space I need for work stuff without having the longer overall length of the estates. I do get to drive a 6 estate, though, as my dealer has one as a courtesy car. It's a good drive, but I don't think it's handling is that much better than the CX5 - probably because the CX5 is top in its class for this anyway. I much prefer the higher position of the CX5 and doubt I'd go back to a saloon/estate now.

Title: Re: Did I do right?
Post by: xtrailman on February 04, 2016, 10:51:28 am
I want AWD and good ground clearance, and I don't want a bigger car than what I have. So a 6 was never on my list.

Some models do have the E-loop in the UK, no CX-5 do, but I can't think of any other equipment that a 6 gets over a cx-5. And the 6 has never won a car mag group test, the CX-5 has rarely lost one.