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Car Covers
« on: March 31, 2016, 06:05:42 pm »
With the caravan season about to get underway shortly resulting in my CX-5 remaining out in the open for days/weeks on end rather than in the comfort and relative safety of the garage, thoughts have been turning to obtaining a car cover.

Increasingly over the years, and possibly as a consequence of so-called 'Global Warming', thunder storms seem to be on the increase from late Spring on and a lot of these are hail storms causing millions of Euros in damage to property, cars and especially the car and caravan industries. Here's a short example of what we get in my home State although it has to be said that we've also had this a few times when touring in France. . Luckily during the last hail storm that we were unlucky to be camping out in, I only experienced one slight 'ding' to the then Volkswagen Touran - testament to quality of materials used I guess - but did notice that almost without exception the Japanese cars suffered terribly and I'm obviously not desirous of this happening to the CX-5.

Anyway, the Auto-Pyjama is a very popular brand of car cover over here and whilst I haven't owned/used one previously several of my neighbours have and based on their testament to quality and having seen them close up and personal, I have now gone ahead and purchased the Auto-Storm AQUA. This cover certainly isn't cheap by any means but does reflect in my opinion the quality of the product. Disclaimer:- I have absolutely no connection whatsoever to the company 
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Re: Car Covers
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Wow thats top quality stuff, good post thanks for the info
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Re: Car Covers
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