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I know that this is a relatively new forum, but no-one has posted other than administrators. Are there any CX-5 owners looking at the forum that can give some feed-back about their vehicles?

I am considering purchasing one so am not in a position to say what the CX-5 is like and of course, have not had one to encounter any problems but it is always interesting to hear if there have been problems and how they have been resolved!

Are the Bi-xenons any good? What does the active lighting actually do?

How long did it take from the time you ordered your CX-5 to actually taking delivery?

Hopefully some more users will start posting in this forum soon!

Congratulations on the first user post. As you say this is a brand new forum with only 3 user members (+ Admin)

We too are hoping that more CX-5 users/owners will be joining us soon. Please be patient, all new forums take some time to get off the starting block.


Hi jet, seems like there are just a select few on the forum so far.

Not sure I will be able to help you with any of your queries as I have the petrol version and I assume you will be looking at the diesel like most CX5 owners.
Bought mine in March and only had to wait less then 2 weeks as long as I had black, not my first colour but have grown to like it. Otherwise delivery would have been July/August.

So far I have travelled up to the north of Outer Hebrides (Butt of Lewis) and the South Coast and has proved very comfortable and no problems. It is a relaxed cruiser but there isn't much torque in higher gears so have to use the gears a fair bit to maintain speed on hills and pulling out to overtake. Probably would have been worth spending a bit more for the pulling power of the diesel!
Fuel consumption on long runs has been 43MPG , not bad for a large 2L car, and on one occasion 52MPG over 150 miles at 60MPH travelling on normal roads from Ullapool.

There is plenty of room inside, good sized boot but do object to having to buy a spare wheel. Didn't fancy being stranded in the Hebrides with a shredded tyre with no phone signal and no one else around. Haven't used it yet but............

On the whole a great car but go for diesel.

Good luck in your car hunting , if you go for the CX5 I am sure you will enjoy it!

Hi there,
I've just joined this forum. Looking forward to it growing and discussing everything CX-5  :)


--- Quote from: MPcx5 on November 20, 2013, 08:15:48 am ---Hi there,
I've just joined this forum. Looking forward to it growing and discussing everything CX-5  :)

--- End quote ---

hey there.. welcome to our forum. How are you finding your Mazda CX-5 so far.. do post some pictures of it in the gallery section :)


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