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Handy Andy:
Spec. wise there's not much between the builds I am looking at, but I really cannot settle on the interior colour. I currently have a CX-3 with the Stone leather which also has black cloth inserts. The CX-5 is all Stone.

I would be interested in opinions on Black, Stone or Brown Nappa on the newly released GT version.

I had the CX-3 in stone and liked it but the stone on the CX-5 was too much as everything is stone no contrast areas, so I went black with mine and I am pleased with the result, no option of brown then....

After 2 CX5's in black I went for the Stone this time. I think it's a nice balance as the back of the seats is still black, as are the doors (only the upper insert is stone). 5000 miles in, no sign of marking. I do like the brown nappa on the GT, though - maybe next time...


Not sure if it’s still the case but last time I looked you could only have stone leather if you had the safety pack and I just couldn’t work out the connection. Hadn’t heard of brown nappa leather on cx5 though or the Gt ,looks like I will have to look at website again or is it not in uk?

See latest UK January 2019 brochure
(I know it's not January 2019 yet, Mazda must have a time machine or something)  ;)


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