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Engine oil too high - any advice?

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Hi all. I have a CX5 (2018) and the attached warning came up today. It's really odd as the car is less than a year old (I've had it for three months), and in that time I haven't done anything to the engine oil as it was serviced just before I took it away.

I popped into Halfords for them to have a look and they confirmed using the dipstick there's too much oil in there (albeit not awful) but advised I take it to a garage to sort.

A few questions if I may:

* how does this happen? can it rise on its own - if not, why didn't it warn about that from day 1 of me having it as no oil has been added?
* am I best taking this to a local garage, or a Mazda one under warranty? Everywhere is closed now, but I can try in the morning
Thanks in advance,

Is it above the "X" mark on the dipstick. If so, take it back to the dealer you bought it from especially as they had just serviced it before you bought it.

Thanks! Yes, the guy from Halfords said that.

I will give them a buzz tomorrow - but any ideas why this would happen or whether it's a sign of anything else? The dealer I bought it from is ages away, but will call my local one who fitted my CarPlay recently.


It’s a common problem with modern Diesel engines because they pump neat diesel into the engine to burn off soot in the exhaust.  It shouldn’t happen so soon after a service.  They have probably changed the oil and not reset the oil service data which measures the viscosity of the oil.  They should also only add 5.1 litres of oil which leaves it lower than full but the uneducated will top it up.  I’m afraid many dealerships have semi skilled mechanics changing oil. 

With diesels this can happen when the DPF system will dump diesel into the sump,and may account for problem.

More likely to happen if you're doing a lot of short journeys, which are
toxic for diesels, and is well documented.



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