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Ordered new mazda 3


Took wifes fiesta (64 plate) in for service £200,and got told £1300 needed to be spent on it! £750 for new exhaust(small hole in it near cat) plus new front shock and a new bush.Told them to not do the work i will trade it in they then quoted £3k for trade in said i would get back to them.Drove to mazda leamington spa asked for trade in agaisnt  a 3 or cx3 they offered 4k(knowing all the faults) and told me exhaust prob was known fault with fiestas of this age and it shoud be on a recall by ford..... any way wife tried out cx3(sat in it) said i like this then did the same with the 3 said the same.salesman told be he coulddo better terms on cx3 as is discontinuing in a couple of months but the new 3 has beeb out only a couple of months...so i told him i dont want old design and tech for the next 3 yrs the new 3 will have better value in 3 yrs plus its design inside and out is really good(8.8 dash mounted info unit is angled towards driver plus full length arm rest(better than cx5) shows what will come next time cx5 gets updated.Had to order with mica deep blue(£550 extra) as no plain white due in to next year what a con) so a new 3 se lux petrol man will come in sept 3 £263 PM on 36 mth pcp with trade in ps  comes with head up display as std plus radar cruise and android auto

picked up car today from lemington spa drove hpme to chipping campden.......wow  smooth drive,good punch for this engine i am impressed. blue looks balck in certain light angles ,blue in others very menacing look to front of car with its black grill surround(thought it would be chrome but i quite like it with this colour) comes with E-CALL IN ROOF for those emergency situations(independant from your phone)emergency services call you if you have an accident or can press a button and you can call them.l like the speedo witch you can change to your preference(computer screen type) and a wounderful lux finish interior plus adjustable(full length)centre arm rest containing a large storage area. but roof lining is black ,black dash,black seats black carpet ....makes it a dark space thats the only thing i dont like...buts its my wifes car and she loves it and likes the hud too but i dont think she will use radar cruise control says it s too complicated but then again she never used the basic cruise in the fiesta either.Like i said on a previous post if it was for me i would def get the GT TECH SKYACTIV X AUTO 4X4 IN RED WITH BURGANDY SEATS AND TWO TONE DASH £32.5K....HMMMM(12K DIFF FROM BASE MODEL) HMMMM a bit too dear i think

It sounds nice but £32.5k is some serious outlay.


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