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Car only a week old-accident already


 ::) wifes had the new mazda 3 car only a week from new and today had a minor prang.In stratford upon avon NCP MULTI CARPARK going up a curvy ramp built for cars in the sixties(smaller) wife caught drivers side sill trim on wall edge going round a curve on ramp, ripped it clean off its like a straight plastic bumper that only clipped on painted partly in the cars colour.Any way shes upset so shes not going to that carpark again,brought the part back home.Its got paint scratches plus a hole were one of the plactic plugs got ripped off. rang NFU(i have a no excess policy) got booked into  "mg cannons" in glocester an auth bodyshop but i bet they have trouble getting a painted spare........i will keep you updated

Oh dear, that's a shame. I feel your frustration. 
But as the car is a Mazda 3  and you have already posted this in the Mazda3 forum, could I point out that this is a CX-5 forum and not really the appropriate place.



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