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Ben SG12:
Hi all

I'm new on the forum but wish i'd signed up before deciding to to purchase my 2012 CX-5 2.2 Diesel.

Needless to say that I have an engine in the dreaded VIN Number range and as I have just hit 47K miles, currently have a £3000 bill pending for a new turbo and exhaust camshaft. The car had 1 service in 2017 (just before I purchased it) that wasn't done by a Mazda dealership so Mazda UK won't make any contribution at all. I even asked if they would give me an extended warranty on the engine for a couple of years as a goodwill gesture but they bluntly refused. They will not take any responsibility at all!

I was wondering if anyone who has had these issues previously has had any joy with the motoring ombudsman or taken any legal action against Mazda UK?

Another point is that the car was serviced by a Mazda Dealership less than two weeks before the turbo went. Should they not have been checking for these issues at service and do you think I would have any kind of claim against the dealership?

I was also hoping to find out if anyone thinks I might get other engine problems relating to the camshaft wear after the repairs have been carried out?  The garage has told me they are going to replace the turbocharger assy, replace the exhaust camshaft and rockers and remove and clean the intercooler.

I think the whole situation is really unfair given that Mazda knew they were selling vehicles that wouldn't last 50K miles and then decided they wouldn't recall them as they would only have to pay for the repairs on the vehicles that did high mileage in the first 3 years.

Any help or advice would be really appreciated.


if It is a Mazda garage that is doing the work then I think you have a good chance of some goodwill.  If it is another garage doing the work then no way will Mazda pay for work done by another garage. There are certainly lots of people who have had Mazda pay for all the work even though they were not in warranty, but as the cars get older and out of the Mazda network they will be less likely to. I think that they should acknowledge that the faulty camshafts cause turbo problems and help with repairs. If they had changed the camshafts years ago then a lot of the turbos would probably have been ok. My own car is also in the vin range and has been fine so far and I really like the car but I have kept my car on Mazda extended warranty so hopefully they would fix it all if it failed. The extended warranty costs £43 per month though so I have paid indirectly already.
Keep on at Mazda uk you never know they may change their mind. Good luck

I bought a CX-5 from 2013 in Norway this spring and have been very happy with it.  2 weeks ago we got diverse warnings including low oil pressure and had the car towed. The workshop,  after few days,  said that there were issues with the cam shaft material and that the repairs would cost about 8000 GBP, remember this is Norway (the land of electrical cars), but that Mazda had agreed to take the cost. The repair, full flushing of the motor, new Cam shaft, new turbo, new valves, etc. will take another week or so to complete.

What surprises me most on this issue is that dealers happily sell cars with a known problem without any sort of warning, at least they have taken responsibility to fix it.

I bought my 2014 Mazda CX-5 with 73k on the clock, from a dealer in June 2019 for £10k, most of it on finance. They told me it had full dealership service. I love the car but in the first 3 months the vehicle inspection light came on. I took it to my Mazda dealer and for £120 they told me the Vacuum pump had gone. No one mentioned anything else. No one said this is a known problem and your turbo supercharge will probably go next and Cam shaft. Luckily at that time the 3 month warranty covered it and they paid £250 towards a new pump.
Since then the vehicle light came on again 7000 miles later. I’ve hardly driven this year due to lockdown and working from home. I have done 11000 miles in 16 months. I have taken it to Mazda who tell me that the turbo top hat is broken and it will be £2600. I have found on this forum about the known fault so spoke to Mazda. They said as the camshaft has not gone then Mazda won’t replace or cover the cost even though this is probably the root cause of the vacuum pump and turbo going. So even if I pay £2600 for a new turbo, chances are the camshaft will be next at £855 or the turbo will go again. My car is in the dreaded VIN range. I still have £5k to pay on finance the fewer won’t help as I’ve had it 16 months. I am so upset, I can’t afford to repair it, I can’t afford to get a new car and while it’s broken I can’t sell it. Christmas is 2 weeks away, I have two children and I need my car for my job. I’m gutted. DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE CARS UNLESS YOU HAVE CHECKED THE VIN!!!!


Re: So even if I pay £2600 for a new turbo, chances are the camshaft will be next at £855 or the turbo will go again.

Did you pay any of the deposit via credit card or have you contacted the finance company – if so have you been in touch with them over the problem as the car is not fit for purpose?
I don’t know but maybe you can get some help that way…………


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