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Have to say this is first car I've owned where there's no dedicated switch so display brightness can be instantly amended :-\
Other day (early morning) in rain I put my headlights on, and dash display became far
too dim, but no quick fix possible. When stopped I fiddled with settings, and display brightness
was on "AUTO"; changed to manual, and moved brightness levels up so I could
better see the displays.

Try twisting the little knob that sticks out of the tachometer.
On our cars it switches between dim and bright.
On some models, pressing this switches from mph to kph.

I would go and have a look now but it's chucking it down out there. Will have a go when it eases off a bit. I have had a similar problem with the satnav going into night time mode.

SatNav goes into "night mode when the headlights come on. So if you have them on auto and they come on the sat nav will all but disappear.

Yes, I knew about that. I'm hoping there is a quick way to alter the brightness that I am yet to discover. The rest of the dash going dark isn't a problem, just the sat nav if on the off chance I am using it.


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