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Diesel injector cleaning

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'Fast idle due to diesel injector cleaning. Drive normally.'
I've had this happen about three times now on start up. I've owned a few diesels in my time and never seen this before. Anyone experienced the same?

Please read this.  Specfically Reply #1

Unfortunately this is not been heeded therefore your attachment has been removed.   

This happened to me at the first start up at the dealers at 5 miles. Never happened since and now on 18,500 miles.

It only happens on the latest Adblue models and it also only happens if you start it up and then shut it off after very little duty, eg, moving it in and out of the garage.  If you jump in and drive until it gets to temperature, you are unlikely to see it.

Anchorman has the answer :) :) What's the betting you can find a PDF about it :) :) ;) ;)


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