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Front screen repair


We had to change our front screen as it has been damaged and had a crack on right corner. As we need to take our care for a first MOT I have called the insurance company to claim and sort the repair out. They gave me a company details then my wife took the car last Friday. To be honest I'm not happy with the outcome at all. What is your opinion? I'm thinking to make a complain, this is not a job what I can expect.

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That’s pretty poor looking at the photos. I’d definitely be complaining about that. I have had occasion to complain about a glass fitting job previously with Autoglass (not on a CX5) and found them reasonable about it.


To be honest I think that might leak, go back to the insurance company with pictures and ask them to sort it out, that's what you pay them your premium for.

Totally unacceptable repair. Looks like it might leak and if left like that would definitely give you problems at trade in or resale. Go back to your insurer.


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