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Notchy manual gearbox

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Billy Fish:
After 20 years a Honda owner (5 Accords) I have reluctantly left Honda and thought I would stay with Japanese reliability and move to Mazda CX5 having considered a CRV, but preferring a bigger diesel engine. I have bought a 19 plate AWD 2.2 Diesel CX5.

My initial feedback after 6 months with the car is that it is not as Good as a Honda's refinement in various areas: reliability ( I have already had a warning light and sensor replaced), sound system, ride quality, and other annoying omissions (type pressure sensors with individual pressures, journey time clock, Media system slow to boot up, lower MPG, weak demister, inoperable touchscreen when driving and unable to continue a Bluetooth phone conversation when arriving at destination and turning off the engine, and an unreliable Bluetooth phone connectivity.  But I hope I can get used to these.

However my biggest issue is the manual gearbox. I find up into 2nd and 3rd and sometimes 4th I have to force the gear into the gate. It is intermittent - sometimes notchy. Sometimes smooth. But still not as slick or positive as my daughter's 9 year old Mazda 2.

I have taken it to 2 different Mazda dealerships who found no.problem. But by dealing with Mazda central they replaced the gear cables. But still notchy and at times feel.i could be doing damage by forcing a clunky gear change.

Have any others found this with gears? It spoils the driving experience and seems to be a 101 for a top car brand - make the gear change as slick, easy and positive as possible.

I'm on my third CX5 now (two manuals and now an auto), I did have a gearbox issue on my 2015 where a shim had to be changed in the gearbox as there was a persistant vibration/rattle in the gear lever at exactly 70mph. It should get better with time; Mazda told me that they don't consider the engine and gearbox to be properly run in until 12,500 miles! How many have you done in 6 months?


Billy Fish:
I'm over 13500 miles now. But I wouldn't expect a brand-new gearbox to be notchy and in need of being run in?


--- Quote from: Billy Fish on May 03, 2020, 08:15:14 pm ---inoperable touchscreen when driving

--- End quote ---

This one I consider as the best thing. Most idiotic auto development is a touch screen in the moving vehicle without a possibility to anchor hand/fingers and operate it using tactile sensation without looking at the screen for too long.

I understand that you are responding to a fragment of the original post. But your comment bears little relevance to the topic  i.e Notchy Manual Gearbox.

Please try to keep your comments on topic   Thank you  :)

I have the same problem. Worse when cold. I'm wondering if a change of transmission oil would help. Has anyone done this? Any recommendation or should I just go for Castrol 75W-80?


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