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Hi all, I’m new to the group and just bought a 2013 2.2d Sport 175 AWD to use as a tow car. It’s replacing my much loved 2009 2.2 Mazda 6 Sport 185.  I’ve noticed the fuel economy is poor in comparison and I’m contemplating a common rail after market chip. Most claim extra torque, BHP and most importantly up to 15% economy gain. 2 questions. Has anyone else used one with positive results and if so is the plug to the common rail easily found? Many thanks.

I used one for a while but have since taken it out as I found I was having issues with diesel contamination in the oil sump due to failed DPF regens.  It may not have been the chip but I removed it just in case.  I used it for 2 years and the car seemed a bit more responsive but I found the fuel consumption to be the same or worse when set to better performance and in order to get better fuel consumption the performance dropped.  I suppose it is common sense to expect higher performance to come at a higher fuel cost but the claims made from these chip companies don't always stand up to scrutiny.

George IV:
I bought a 2016 2.2 diesel 150bhp at Xmas  and was not happy with power so i had it remapped up to 230bhp + extra 100f/lb torque  Acceleration a lot quicker and smother  Fuel consumption is app.55mpg on motorway at 75   and 45-48 around town. Cost was £200.00  not cheap but i think this is a better solution than plug in chip in long run.
PS  my last car was also a Mazda 6 2.2 sport and that was also remapped to extent that i could leave a scooby for dead at lights   lol

You are comparing an AWD SUV with a 2wd saloon so it is unlikely the MPG for the CX 5 will match the Mazda 6, also the CX 5 is heavier than the 6

Thanks for the replies. I went for the chip but I wasn’t convinced it was doing anything performance or economy wise so I returned it for a refund. The guys I bought it off were happy to refund.


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