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First time posting here looking for some advice. I have a Mazda CX-5 2.2 Sport 2013. Recently when accerlerating past 2000-2500rpm it hesitates and feels like the car is holding back compared to before. Had MAF changed as the readings weren't correct on diagnostics this made little improvement but now at about 2500rpm the car does the same and then kicks back in until 3000rpm where it slows accelerates.

On motorway the car used to be able to 90-100 easily now at top end i have to really push it to get it to 90.

Has anyone experienced similar issues?

George IV:
Had a similar problem  In 2nd/3rd gear slow acc. up to 2500 revs then took off up to 3000/3500then slow acceleration rest of way turned out it was primary turbo.  The inlet flap is held on by a rivet which in my case had come out and gone in to the impeller and left flap open  Therefore no primary turbo engine did not accelerate until second turbo cut in  As both turbos are in one unit  replacement cost £1800 + fitting


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