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Turbo Valve fell appart destroying the tubo (Design flaw) P0299


A Potential Mazda CX5, CX3, 3 & 6 Skyactive design flaw that’s going to cost a fortune to fix

Below you can see the valve that separates the two turbos on my skyactive 2.2D engine. It’s fallen to bits. This is not due to poor maintenance, or misuse, it's a design flaw. I know this because I’m a professional mechanical engineer. I design robots for a living and have done so for over a decade.

The assembly shown in the images is held together with a pin. This has fallen out. When this falls out the valve assembly falls to bits and you end up with a total power loss. Also, the pin goes straight into the small turbo fan. As you can also see in the images. This is clearly an endemic failure.

My car has 80K on the clock. Is a 2014 model, but has a full-service history and has been driven carefully.

Mazda’s shameful response was for me to go to a Mazda dealer to have it looked at by them at my cost. But at the same time, It's pretty much impossible that they will help me financially to fix the issue as my full-service history wasn’t with Mazda. So they suggest I go to their £150 per hour garage to have it looked at (even though you can see the issue below!) then the Mazda mechanic can decide if they should ask for help financially, even though it’s pretty much impossible for this to happen. Also if I wasn’t happy that I should contact trading standards!

If you google P0299 (the fault code) the internet is littered with other people with the same issue. (Some of which Mazda have fixed for free)

Has anyone else had the same issue?
If so, did Mazda help?

I had the exact same issue around 2 and a half years and after just over a week Mazda agreed to cover the cost of the repairs.  At that point the car was only at about 40,000 miles which I suspect influenced their decision although it was 6 months out of the warranty period.

George IV:
My CX5 was 5 years old just out of warranty and 57K when it went  Full Main Dealer service history  Contacted local Mazda dealer and was basically told Try contacting Mazda head office but you will be wasting your time others have tried and failed.


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