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Electric driver's seat - disable reposition


I've just purchased a '19 plate CX-5 and want to know if it's possible to stop the drivers seat from moving backwards whenever the door is unlocked? As I drive the car almost every time, I just have to keep putting it back after getting in, which seems a little unnecessary. I presume it goes back to ease access to the car but it would be nice to disable it.


possibly set up for previous driver on the key to their prefered position, check handbook to reset to your position.

Mine resets to position 2 which is fine for me as it makes it easier to get in. 

If you set position 2 to the same as position 1 it shouldn't move maybe

Each key fob is paired to the seat memory position. You need to reset the position with the buttons on the side of the seat. When you unlock the car with key one it the seat will go to position one, and key two to position two. If you unlock the car using the button on the door handle, the seat position stays put. The head up display position on the windscreen also moves to the preset.
Search for Driving Position Memory in the online handbook linked above.


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