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Paying for a Mazda extended warranty? Check your bank account.

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The warranty people are having an IT problem which has caused the frequency of some Direct Debits to be changed to daily instead of monthly.

In my case this means I’ve had the normal payment debited last Thursday, but then debited again on Friday and again today (Monday). They haven’t be able to guarantee it won’t happen again tomorrow.

Don’t know how many people are affected but worth checking your bank account if you could be affected.

They reckon it’ll be at least 10 working days for any refund :-(

Do you pay 12 monthly payments? The quote I got didn't specify the number of payments but if it's 12 then there is a big difference in price paying for the year upfront. As an aside from your topic, have you had to claim on the warranty?

Yes, 12 monthly payments. I was given a 12 month Mazda warranty when I bought my (used) CX-5 from a main dealer in 2016 and I've continued extending it annually, currently paying £43.24 a month based on the age of the car (it's a 2012 model). I prefer to pay monthly, along with a service plan, as it assists in budgeting being that I'm on a fixed income.

I've had work done/parts replaced under the extended warranty on two occasions, the first was the turbo/camshaft (no charge but invoice total £2590) and the second was the alternator and an electric door mirror (no charge but invoice total £815 and the broken-down car was recovered to the dealer at no cost under the included Mazda Assist).

--- Quote from: Huxie on May 03, 2019, 02:04:38 pm ---CX-5 went in recently for an interim oil change. When I went to pick it up they mentioned that the tech had noticed a squealing noise when driving the car out of the bay. A quick check showed the drive belt was showing signs of cracking so might be slipping but it could be more serious i.e. turbo bearings, so advised to book it in for investigation.

End result was the camshaft was found to be damaged leading to metal swarf in the oil causing damage to the turbo. The aux belt was also damaged and a tensioner needed replacing. CX-5 is a 2012 model, done 52,000 miles and the VIN is in the range for the ‘soft’ camshaft problem. I’ve always had extended warranty since I bought the car at just over 3 years old so all the work, apart from replacement aux belt, was covered (circa £2500).

Pleased in a strange kind of way that it’s happened and is now out of the way because I really love the car, have no need or intention to upgrade, but always had a slight niggle in the back of mind that it might happen one day.

--- End quote ---

Thank you for your detailed reply. It's very helpful and I do understand your financial approach. It's good to know that you have had positive experiences with the Mazda exteneded warranty.

You’re welcome.

Just out of interest, would you be willing to share the prices you’ve been quoted for an annual payment and monthly payments?


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