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Front bumper skirt


Hi All,

So the classic “I’ll jump back in and straighten it up for you” scenario occurred  a few weekends ago in Barnard Castle, right in front on the Post Office on the Main Street. Unaware of the high kerb stones I proceeded to scrape the black trim under the front bumper on the passengers side leaving a nasty unrepairable scratch, and a full on verbal assault from the Missus. Not sure what hurt the most, my ears or my pride?

I’m looking at a replacement part and cannot seem to find anything on line, I’m hoping it’ll not be a full front bumper replacement? Please see the photo attached so you can see what part I need.

If anyone can point me in the right direction to find one I’d really appreciate it.

Many thanks,


Hi.  I am aware that this is your first post and that you are probably unaware of one problem this forum has with images.
Could I please ask you to read this so you can properly add images into your posts.

 Thank you for your understanding   

Hi sorry,

I was unaware of the photo uploads situation, sorry.

Please find the link beneath.

Consider getting a smart repair, rather than replacing :D


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