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Several weeks back now I had a rear camera fitted resulting in lots of grubby finger and palm prints being left on the front dashboard areas. Over the years I must have tried almost every cleaning product on the market to restore something approaching the original factory finish but these have generally always left a dashboard that was shiny and/or attracted dust like a magnet.

Acting upon a recommendation, I've now had a go with Surf City Garage Big Block Interior Protection and this stuff really is the dogs whatsits. Spray a bit on a microfiber cloth, wipe it over the dashboard and wipe dry with a second cloth. The result is a beautifully restored dashboard just as it left the factory with only the suggestion of a silky shine that doesn't reflect light and doesn't attract dust. In fact it's nothing short of magic and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this product to forum members.

I attach the Amazon link here simply for illustration purposes although I feel sure that the product is available in other outlets.

I have found that some products leave a distinct odour (not necessarily unpleasant) which can and have in the past affected some passengers especially children. 
Does this product leave any fragrance and if so what variety ?

i.e  Does it smell ? and what of  :)   


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Does it smell ? and what of  :)

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Oops, I meant to add this to my original post. Yes, it leaves a slight Coconut smell which I personally found quite nice. In any event, having driven the car earlier this morning there is no evidence of any smell so it obviously dissipates after a couple of days.

I use auto-glym rubber and vinyl, gives a citrus smell can use same product to give a shiny or matt finish depending on how it's applied, etc, very runny liquid can be sprayed but I spray onto a cloth. I noticed today in  morrisons supermarket triplewax interior cleaner with a berry scent for only £2 haven't used that, but I've experimented in the past and learnt not to make the top of dashboard shiny as in certain weather and lighting conditions it reflects onto windscreen and can be distracting. Have only used on the 2012 model, not done any interior cleaning other than vacuum carpets on the wife,s car yet.

That stuffs looks alright Deeps, I've been looking for something that will look after the leather seats as they are black in colour, have you used it on leather door cards or leather seating with positive results?


--- Quote from: rmvf on April 05, 2016, 04:57:37 pm ---.......have you used it on leather door cards or leather seating with positive results?

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On the door panels yes with the same excellent results as for the dashboard. Haven't got leather seats so can't comment in that respect.


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