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It's apparent that the CX-5 model variation available in the UK is somewhat less than in the rest of Europe, or in Germany at least, with most UK forum members owning the Sports Nav model hence the need for this question.

It suddenly dawned on me yesterday that there aren't any luggage tie-down points in the rear of my CX-5 as there have been in most of the previous cars that I have owned. In the Touran for example, these points are metal fold out rings located in the four corners of the luggage area and I've had need of them several times in the past for ensuring heavy objects stay in position.

Is it just my model variation of CX-5 that Mazda have omitted to fit these tie-down points or is it the same across the entire model range?

Both my Sport-Nav models have been the same. Two fixed points recessed into the back of the rear seats (about half way up) and two fold out ones either side of the tailgate opening (just above floor level but over the "wells" either side of the main floor. None are in particularly useful positions, though... The rubber floor mat/tray is much better and pretty good at keeping heavier things in place.


Thanks for that BigAl. Having taken another look at my car you are correct, there are tie-down points fitted and I really should have looked more closely. That said, 99% of the time I travel with the rear seats collapsed with a rubber non-slip mat fitted over the seat backs and a large boot saver which covers the entire area plus sides so I never really noticed the tie-down points on the back of the seats. However, are they really tie-down points as it seems a really strange place to fit them as the rear seats are not actually locked down only collapsed.

I eventually found the points located towards the front end of the wheel arch covers and missed these as for the most part they are covered by the rear passenger sea belts. The final tie-down points are situated directly behind the rear light cluster and were hidden by the odd bits and pieces stowed in the adjacent small stowage area (warning triangle and first aid kit etc).

So as you say - non are really located in particularly useful positions but at least I've now found them so thanks once again.

I use my luggage tie downs constantly, theres six if you count those partway up the rear seats, but i never use those.

What i have done is attach luggage straps to them, with the buckle end fixed to the points behind the rear seats and cut short so as not to drop onto the bumper, the "male" end I've tied to the points near the boot door.

Be aware the anchor points are plastic and can break according to a cx-5 owner, although i have never broken one,( the xtrails points were metal).

These sort of straps.


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Be aware the anchor points are plastic and can break according to a cx-5 owner........

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I wonder who came up with that bright idea!!!!! :-\ :-\


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