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The last thing you want on holiday

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Our last day in the Midi-Pyrénées, France was ruined by a young lad driving an electric golf type buggy into the side of our car!

Sorry to hear about that, hopefully not too much damage. Hope you got all his details although not sure if golf buggy's have insurance in France.

Update so far – I rang my insurance, gave notification of the accident and asked who the used for accident repairs. I said wanted the car repaired at a Mazda Approved repairer and that I would get back to them with a quote as they were unable to confirm if they were approved.

So where to find a list of approved repairers?

Next step was to ask “Mazda First” who it would seem are nothing to do with Mazda, just an accident management company. On the first call, the only approved company in my area they could find was Motocolor Southampton, and suggested I rang my local Mazda dealers. Phoned three local Mazda dealers and asked who they use, two of which used repairers that don’t seem to be Mazda approved, but I got quotes from them anyway. The Motocolor quote was £1000 more expensive than the others.
I rang “Mazda First” again and this time was told they could not advise who was approved in my area unless I gave them full details of the accident and used their services. I was not impressed!

In the end I sent the Motocolor quote to LV which has been authorised, so now I need to wait until the other parties insurance in France accepts liability for the accident and arrange an upgrade for the courtesy car, as LV only provide a small car for the 2-3 weeks whilst car is repaired. I have now owner the car for 11 months and 1 month of that the car has been with the dealer for the new gearbox and other issues……….so another 2/3 weeks without the car is not good, not Mazda’s fault this time. 

Southern Teuchter:
Nightmare!  I would not have been a happy bunny!

The car was repaired through LV who, over the last 15 months attempted to recover the cost from Camping les Peupliers insurance company in France – in March I received this:
As you probably know, the Gable Company is in Bankruptcy that is why a judicial liquidator was appointed by the Chamber of commerce.

Then on Friday this came:    We have now received an update from our agents in France Coris who have confirmed that the liquidators have been in contact with them and said that they do not have an further funds to pay our claim.
Our only option at this stage is to approach the camp site direct to see if they will pay the claim. I understand that you are a regular user of the campsite and therefore I assume the owner would want to retain your business.
The owner has no obligation to pay us as he had insurance.

So for three years - I will have a “Fault” claim against me on the CUE database as I doubt if the campsite will want to pay – I wonder if Brexit has anything to do with this.


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