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I know most people have the diesel versions but just wondering how many drive CX5's with the petrol engine and what their views are.

My car is a Sport Nav which I have had for 6 weeks replacing a petrol SEL Nav. I would have liked the diesel but didn't think it worth the extra for the mileage I do.
My wife and I love the car but I do find the lack of torque quite frustrating unless you use the gears. This was quite evident on a trip to Dordogne over the last two weeks when it struggled up some of those long inclines out of the river valleys on the autoroutes. The car was fully loaded with 4 persons and luggage but still embarrassing to have a queue of Twingos and Clios waiting to pass you!  :-[

On the plus side the fuel consumption was 42 mpg overall (actual)which I thought good especially when compared to some reports from diesel owners who seem to obtain similar figures. It was 47 mpg driving to Folkestone due to the endless 50mph limits on the UK motorways but then dropped slightly once you could open it up on the clear French roads.

My first CX5 was taken up to Outer Hebrides and down to the south coast during our ownership and also returned similar figures and on a couple of trips showed over 50mpg driving on clear A roads driving around the national limit.

What are other petrol owners thoughts and experiences?

I have now had my Petrol 2.0L sports Nav for 3 weeks, and am more than happy with the performance, yes I agree it does not have the torque of a diesel, and the gearbox  must be used if sudden acceleration is required, but I was fully aware of all this when I was test driving the CX-5 long before I decided to buy it. I also cover a low annual mileage, and in buying the petrol engine, I am saving around 5p/Litre on fuel, the purchase price was less and I have no worry about the dreaded DPF.
I am achieving to date 34mpg(actual) under mixed driving conditions and fully expect the mpg to increase as  have only covered 800 miles.
I did not buy my CX-5 for high speed and fast acceleration, it was bought because it looks great, well built, solid with a comfortable and high driving position. This is what I wanted and to date has lived up to all my expectations. 

okay guys we have the petrol also due to lack of mileage, and believe me if you keep the revs over 2500 you will experience a different car, I believe its down to the gearbox and compression ratio, what other petrol car will tell you to move up to 6th gear before 1900 revs? its designed for economy first but will give performance when pushed/asked. I don't see many suvs overtaking apart from supercharged range rovers.


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