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In all the years I have been driving I didn't have any windscreens shatter because of the condition of the roads way back when the tempered glass was used. In the last 9 Months every single one of my vehicles ( 4 ) has had a windscreen cracked because of stones and other road crap being thrown up.
The Mazda 3 had to have a new screen because of a chip which developed into a split necessitating 50 mile trip to get it replaced as the cameras have to be re aligned which cannot be done at home then three weeks later a poxy refuse truck travelling in the opposite direction pinged god knows what into the new screen causing another crack, thankfully it was repaired by a guy in Cornwall.
The Astra had a major crack put in by a lousy 8 legger tipper truck which will almost certainly face scrutiny at the MOT.
The toledo got hit by debris and a bulls eye in the screen= repaired
MX-5 overtaken down a road by a BMW :( with another bulls eye to be repaired.
In fact every car we have had from new has had a screen hit and has to be repaired or replaced
Wondering now if I am a stone magnet or just plain unlucky.
Clarice is still virgin screen and hoping it remains so.
Any others out there with the same tales of woe.

In the early days, CX5 screens were as rare as rocking horse poo - it wasn't unknown to have to wait 4 weeks to get one. I've had one screen on a CX5 replaced (2015 model not long after delivery). By that time, the supply chain was sorted. However, Autoglass replaced it and never mentioned the camera alignment issue. The dealer had to sort that out later when problems with the camera system became apparent. That was when I found out that camera alignment is NOT covered under windscreen policies! I have a good relationship with my dealer and they didn't charge me for the alignment (as it was in for a service anyway), but I believe its about £80-100 to get it done normally. I still have occasional issues with the camera window steaming up in cold weather (even when the screen isn't) and causing the adaptive light system to fail, but I can live with it for now. The car goes back in August anyway.


Hi Al, The windscreen camera alignment in the Mazda 3 was sorted out by Autoglass on their Bedford site. It was nothing more than a big white board which when I spoke to the Technician he said that the cameras focus on the board and because it’s a slab of white they can’t dive off in different directions as they would faced with all sorts of colour differentials in the real world. It cost me nothing more than the £75 excess on insurance. He also mentioned the fogging up because it gets no direct heat as was the case with Mucky Benders who put heater filaments where the cameras are situated to prevent it further. I think the latest cx5’s have a vent into the housing to hopefully overcome the problem. Personally I keep my eyes open to prevent cannoning into other cars, the cameras are good but can’t deal with all eventualities

Okay after 7 years of ownership and 53k miles covered finally got a windscreen strike causing a 19" inch crack, i was on the M1 sat at 65mph with cruise enabled. The sound was like bubblewrap popping. It was on the passenger side so only noticed once pulling up. Thank god i wasnt driving the wifes, lol.

Car booked in for replacement on tuesday autoglass home visit weather dependant.  I drove the car for a few days local low speed but noticed crack had grown 2 more inches so its parked up now.

I have a question for anyone whos had their windscreen replaced,  any issues with the safety tech built in behind the rear view mirror? Appreciate any replies.


Unless things have changed, mobile screen replacement services cannot re-calibrate the camera systems. That needs to be done in a depot or buy a dealer. Any costs associated with that will not be covered by the windscreen cover. I had this happen on my previous CX, Autoglass did it at my office, I found the safety systems didn't work. It was in for a service a couple of days later so they did it (and didn't charge me, but its normally about £80, I believe)



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